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5 Healthy Yogurt Snacks

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September 18, 2016


Rich, creamy, and protein-dense, Greek yogourt, the new delicious diva of dairy, is the ideal ingredient for smart and savvy snacking. Bringing the best of both worlds to the table—great taste combined with natural, good for your ingredients—this wholesome indulgence is a delicious solution for feeding hunger everywhere, whether you’re at work, on the go or curled up on the couch watching your favourite show.

Inspired by the traditional Greek method of making yogourt, Astro Original Greek Fat Free Plain Yogourt is thick, and creamy, and a great starting point for so many healthy treats.

Here are five ways to serve up low-fat, protein-rich and great tasting treats suitable for the whole family:

1. Smart Smoothies 
Blend together slices of fresh/frozen peaches, frozen berries, sliced bananas, a few heaping tablespoons of Astro Original Greek Fat Free Plain Yogourt, and a splash of orange juice for a refreshing morning drink that will keep you feeling full well into the day. Replace the berries and peaches with extra pieces of frozen banana, swap the OJ for milk, and add a dollop of peanut butter for an evening treat that won’t make you miss your ice cream.

2. Mini Turkey Burgers with Yogourt Sauce
Bake off a few turkey burgers and tuck them into a small pita. Garnish with a creamy sauce made by mixing together Astro Original Greek Fat Free Plain Yogourt, lemon juice, fresh oregano, garlic, salt, and pepper. Pack up for lunches (send the sauce on the side) or pass around to the kids after school for a protein-packed pick-me-up that will hold everyone’s hunger until dinner.

3. Sweet and Savoury Dips
Combine equal parts Astro Original Greek Fat Free Plain Yogourt and cream cheese and swirl in a spoonful or two (until you reach desired taste) of a favourite jam for a sweet cheesecake dip. Use fruit, toast or graham crackers for dipping. For a savoury switch-up, swirl pesto into a bowl of Greek yogourt and serve it with pita wedges and fresh veggie sticks.

4. Creamy Chicken Salads
Combine shredded cooked chicken with fresh grapes, chopped celery, Astro Original Greek Fat Free Plain Yogourt, curry powder, salt and pepper for a quick curried chicken salad. Serve it on wholegrain crackers or crisp bread for a nutritious midday meal. Replace the grapes with cherry tomatoes, the celery with cucumber, and the curry powder with lemon and oregano for a Mediterranean twist on the dish.

5. Healthy Mousse
Astro Original Greek Fat Free Plain Yogourt mixed with a touch of gelatin dissolved in hot water and sweetened with honey is quickly transformed into a light mousse designed for dessert. Layer with berries or other seasonal fruit macerated in white wine and garnish with crisp cookie crumbs, if desired. 

In addition to these delicious snacks, Astro Original Greek Yogourt can also be used in many of your favourite recipes. Add an extra boost of protein to your baked goods by adding Greek yogourt to your quick breads and cookies, and replace sour cream with this healthy, great tasting alternative whenever possible. For more recipe ideas, visit astro.ca