The Bachelor Canada Recap: Episode Seven

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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Episode Seven

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Russ Martin

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November 23, 2017

With hometowns right around the corner, things are getting serious as we arrive at the final leg of The Bachelor Canada.

There are just six women left and the stakes have never been higher. This week Noah announces there will be just one rose on the line before the final rose ceremony and it will be given away at a fateful two-on-one date where the woman who doesn’t get a rose is immediately sent home. Ouch!

As for the one-on-one, Chris selects Jessie, but she doesn’t seem very excited. She’s questioning her relationship with Chris and, on one hand, it’s nice to see her show some agency, but on the other...if he hasn’t let her in yet emotionally, is he ever going to? Perhaps the one-on-one would have been better utilized by Stacy, who still seems to have her head in the game.

Jessie goes into the date looking for answers. Right from the jump, they dive into a super difficult conversation. Like, they dive *right* into their feelings. 

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Jessie tells Chris she feels like he’s struggling to open up to her. Chris takes ownership, admitting he shies away from her and says as an athlete, he’s been taught not to show his emotions. Jessie’s seems satisfied with his response and relieved to be getting “the real Chris.”

Then Chris goes in for a long hug. Like, a reaaaaaaaaaaal long hug. He hugs until Jessie tries to pull away.

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Chris is clearly more touchy feely than her. They have a super brief kiss in the water (Kiss Count: 1), but Jessie keeps curving him every time he goes in for a little love. They’re at an impasse. Jessie wants Chris to be more open and Chris wants Jessie to be more affectionate. 

Here’s Chris’ impression of what happens every time he tries to touch Jessie:

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Eventually Jessie starts to warm up to Chris’ affections, but she's admittedly not very good at showing her feelings. 

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But then, FINALLY, they have a proper kiss. And it’s super romantic against the backdrop of a beach sunset. After all that, perhaps it was worth the wait.

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For the three-on-one, Chris and Noah set up a sand castle contest. Each of the women is challenged to make their own sand sculpture of Chris. Chris says they all did a great job but LBR...they didn't. Those sand sculptures were a mess! 

Stacy wins – probably because she includes Chris’ dog Cash, which is very clever. 

Once they're alone, Chris confronts a tricky conversation: should he be nervous Stacy’s never had a longterm relationship? Stacy explains she spent time Eat, Pray, Love-ing and doing self-work and now she’s ready for a real relationship. Chris is intrigued but, sorry, isn’t this the kind of thing you should explain during, like, week two?? They have a nice kiss (Kiss Count: 2), but it may be too little too late for poor Stacy and her Cash sculpture.

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At the post-date cocktail party, Mikaela’s first to steal him away and – duh  – is rewarded with a kiss (Kiss Count: 3). Mikaela’s still waaaay ahead of the other ladies in terms of pure makeout time with Chris and that’s got to count for something, right?

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Back at the house, Catie's super confident about her chances with Chris until she winds up on the date she herself branded as the slot for people Chris is “not entirely sure about.” 

She straight up loses it and spirals out of control with an explosion of emotion.

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Like, girrrrrrrl. GET! A! GRIP! How did you miss all the signs that Chris is unsure about you?? Obvi he’s interested, but there have been loads of bumps along the way. Catie’s clearly had her blinders on.

The car ride to the two-on-one is the most uncomfortable scene yet this season.

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Kait plays the date pretty cool. She admits to Chris it has been hard to say how she feels, but she lays it on the line and tells him she's falling in love with him. It seems to be exactly what Chris wants to hear.

Catie does the opposite of playing it cool. She knows Chris thinks she’s too intense, but then she’s like:

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Despite all his hesitations, Chris decides to send Kait home and give Catie the rose. It’s a strange decision. Chris keeps flip flopping on Catie. Their energy together is super off, but he always goes back to her. 

ANYWAY! On to the final cocktail party…except...what? There’s no cocktail party!! With all the dates done, Chris gathers the ladies together in their best dresses and starts handing out roses straight away.

Mikaela gets a rose - no surprise there. So does Lyndsey! And with that, we have our final three. (!!!!)

Chris walks Stacy out and gets real with her, saying he just couldn't be the first man to meet her parents. Fair enough. She takes it well and simply wishes him luck. Jessie thanks him for bringing out something in her no one else has. It’s actually a really sweet moment.

And then there were three. Chris’ final toast is to meeting the ladies’ families. One, two, three cheers for home towns! 

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Missed last night's episode? Watch it online here. 

Tune in to a brand new episode of The Bachelor Canada Wednesdays at 9 E/P followed by the After Show at 10:30 E/P! 



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