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The Bachelor Canada Recap: The Final Rose Went To...

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December 19, 2017

Chris Leroux is officially out of roses. After weeks of searching for a woman to settle down with – and plenty of difficult decisions along the way – Chris has finally handed out his final rose.

The final stretch of his journey was filled with more twists, turns and major surprises than he ever could have expected. Let’s start from the beginning...

In a full circle moment, we meet Chris this week as he’s strolling shirtless on the beach, looking contemplative and just as swoon-worthy as when we first met him, not coincidentally also strolling shirtless on the beach.

Chris is facing "the hardest decision he's ever had to make" but he’s ready to make a decision and not look back. “One of these women is going to be spending the rest of their life with me” Well, maybe not, but let’s not jump too far ahead.

When Lyndsey arrives up for her final date, her former exuberance has been noticeably deflated. Remember how she used to run and jump right into Chris’ arms

They go on a bike ride and Chris talks about how Lyndsey makes him feel like a kid again (um Chris, maybe it’s because she’s 23?). Lyndsey pulls out a ukulele and reveals she wrote a song for Chris. It’s actually pretty good!

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She cuts in little jokes about Chris’ lack of outdoors prowess with her saccharine-but-sweet lyrics like, "Roses are red, my dear; you've given me a few; that last one will mean the most, and me, I'll say I do"

Chris is super impressed and they have a Mufasa / Nala-worthy embrace.

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Things on the date are going really well, but Chris still isn’t 100% sold. His struggle? “With Lyndsey I can't figure out whether she's going to be the love of my life, or whether she's going to be someone who just smashes my heart.”

He's also hung up on logistics, as he has been since their first one-on-one. Chris is taken with Lyndsey, but she’s 23 and lives across the country from him. Is that really the makings of a long term match?

Throughout this process, Chris realized how close he is with HIS family and how much his roots in Ontario mean to him. When he brings the topic up with Lyndsey, she’s completely taken aback.  He wants Lyndsey to consider moving to Toronto, but yeah… not going to happen! Lyndsey won’t even have a discussion about it. She just shifts the conversation to why he didn’t bring up his feelings sooner.

It’s more than a little unfair. It's true Lyndsey was upfront with Chris about wanting to live in Vancouver, but shouldn't Chris be allowed to think it through and have his feelings about where he wants to live evolve and change?

Lyndsey says Chris hasn’t put in enough thought to where he wants to live, but on that count, she’s dead wrong. He’s thinking seriously about it moreso now than ever. Also, can we talk about how Lyndsey calls Toronto the “east coast”? Like, girrrrl. The people of St. John’s would like to have a word about geography with you.

Unfortunately for Chris, things don’t go much better with Mikaela. Actually, they go way, way worse. Even before their date, Mikaela's having doubts. She’s worried about Lyndsey's connection with Chris and feels uncomfortable that they both just had Overnights with him.

Chris tells Mikaela he's never been happier than the morning after his Overnight with her – and reminds her she was super happy, too. He also says on his end things are great and says his concerns were just him being scared of falling in love. Chris sets her mind at ease and she starts to feel better.

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Then he makes a terrible terrible terrible Freudian slip. Mikaela asks what his parents said about her and THIS is his response: “She said that Lyndsey’s one of the loveliest women she’s ever met.”

Lyndsey. Lyndsey! LYNDSEY!!!! ! ! !

To which Mikaela is like:

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Sorry, Chris. This is *not* good. Like, this may have been the worst thing you could have done. Maybe even worse than actually telling Mikaela straight up you like Lyndsey more than her.

It gets even more uncomfortable from there as Chris fumbles through an apology. How do you come back from that? Eek.

Chris goes into his final moments with the women armed with an engagement ring even though both of his dates were disasters.

For Lyndsey's final words, she tells Chris she needs someone to laugh with her, but also stand by her when she's upset. Then she pulls a total wild card: “I also want a man who knows what he wants and who chooses me and chooses me every time, and every day. But I've realized recently I do not choose you.”

She takes herself out of the running!!!

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Chris delivers a stone faced reaction at first, but then he’s basically like: same. They both agree there are just too many challenges for this relationship to work. Lyndsey leaves with no regrets, feeling empowered to have left on her own terms. “As much as you want to be chosen, you have the right to choose,” she says. Hear, hear!

Can you even imagine how happy her family’s viewing party is rn? They are def all clinking organic Vancouver beers.

Now, onto Mikaela! Chris begins with an apology, which is a good start. Then he says if they give it a go in the real world, he thinks they'll have the best relationship ever. At that point, she's got to know what's coming next.

A proposal, right?! Sorry, y’all. Chris says he says he loves her and he's known that for a while, but he wants to be engaged when they think it's right. In lieu of a ring, she gets a final rose.It’s a fair, reasonable decision, but…y’all wanted a proposal too, right?

They exchange I love yous and seal it with a kiss; our final bit of romance for the season.

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Onto After The Final Rose! Lyndsey arrives looking super babely. She’s as cheerful and optimistic as ever and harbours no regrets. Lyndsey says she fell in love with Chris, but at the end it became apparent she wasn't going to make him happy. “I was so in love and so infatuated but I was so confused because I couldn't feel that back.”

When Chris comes out, t’s suuuuuuper awkward.

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Lyndsey admits when she watched the show she understood why Chris changed his mind about Vancouver. But Chris defending his right to “switch gears” on his feelings about moving out west started some serious verbal ping pong.

Chris: I feel like I’m allowed to switch gears.
Lyndsey: Yeah, you are.

Chris: And I did.

Lyndsey: So did I.


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After THAT, they wish each other the best with the awkwardness of exes who run into each other at the mall. It’s genuine, but uncomfortable.

Mikaela’s appearance with Chris comes with the promise of better vibes, but right from the start, the body language isn’t good. She calls him “babe” but they don’t hold hands – and commuters on the subway sit closer than they do on the couch.

Then it comes out: Mikaela’s still in Chris’ life, but they’re not romantically involved. “I wasn't ready to give my heart to someone fully and I don't want to do that until I'm ready. Mikaela deserves better than that,” Chris says.

The audience reactions say it all.

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Mikaela was incredibly hurt and disappointed. “I'm not going to sit here and tell you I wasn't devastated,” she says.

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It’s a sad note for the end of Chris’ journey as the Bachelor. He had all the makings of the perfect man and treated the women on the show with dignity and respect. But it was a struggle for him to truly open up. Through this experience, he’s got in touch with his feelings and opened up in a major way. It wasn’t soon enough for Mikaela, but Chris is right – she did make him a better person. Sadly, just not the person for her. 

They’re not leaving the show together, but they *are* both leaving it ready for love. And, without a doubt, Mr. and Mrs. Right are waiting somewhere out there for each of them.



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