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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Finale Part 1

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Russ Martin

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December 7, 2017

Top two! Oh, what a journey it’s been from the premiere limo entrances to this week. Chris has a huge decision to make and even at this late stage in the game, it’s clear he’s having trouble making up his mind.

With Lyndsey, he’s got “crazy stupid love” and the “X” factor; a butterflies-in-the-stomach, kissing-at-the-top-of-the-ferris-wheel kind of infatuation that’s hooked him since day one. With Mikaela, there’s an ease. And she’s got all the makings of a great partner, from smarts to sweetness to a great sense of humour.

Chris can see himself with both women, so this week's task is to figure out which is truly the better fit. His family’s en route to Mexico to provide some extra counsel, but first: the all-important overnights.

First up, Mikaela. She meets Chris at a dock where he’s waiting with an ear-to-ear grin on the deck of a giant pirate ship.

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Before they set sail, Mikaela goes in for a hello kiss. 

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Over a glass of champagne, they get down to business, talking about their feelings and the end of the journey. Mikaela puts it all on the table: she wants the proposal. She even says she thinks they’re soulmates. Mikaela has no reservations, but Chris’ nerves are getting to him.

He thinks there’s something missing, but is it something with Mikaela, or just the mental gymnastics he’s had to go through throughout this process? It seems like his worries may have more to do with *HIM* than his feelings for her.

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Mikaela’s heart deflates as she realizes Chris is unsure about their prospects. At dinner afterwards, she confronts him about his lack of clarity. Basically, Chris is being SUPER wishy washy and she wants to know – what gives?

For a minute Chris feels like he’s losing her and that’s exactly when he wakes up. Chris takes culpability for not broaching difficult questions with Mikaela earlier and the end up in a good place despite the complicated ground they’ve covered.

He ends it at this: “I don't want you to give up on me.”

Mikaela’s definitely *not* giving up on him. Once he realizes that, it’s all romantic spins and mariachi on the beach.

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One more thing: Mikaela decides to go on the overnight! (What, you thought she was going to turn it down?) 

The start of the overnight is super sweet. Mikaela brings a thoughtful, romantic love letter she wrote and reads it to Chris out loud. It ends with a really lovely line: “I can't wait to be with you and create the most beautiful life together, even if that means my first and last name blends into one weird slur.” 

They giggle, adorably cooing “MikaelaLeroux” at each other until it’s lights out.

NEXT UP: Lyndsey! Chris gave Lyndsey a major vote of confidence by selecting her as one of his top two despite her disastrous Hometown. After the way her family treated him, Chris is a literal angel for even considering dealing with them.

When they’re reunited, though, it it feels like none of that happened. Lyndsey runs right into his arms.

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They kiss - duh! 

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The date is all about healing, which they definitely need. First is a mud treatment at a spa, where Lyndsey gives Chris a super intimate massage. They splash around in yellow mud, acting like her family didn’t just all but kick Chris out of their home.

To reset, they do a purification ceremony. It’s a spiritual experience for both of them, and both are clearly hoping it will help them set aside the challenges and move on from last week.

Afterwards, they finally address the elephant in the room: Lyndsey’s no good, very bad, totally awful Hometown. Lyndsey talks a very good game to Chris and promises to have his back when it comes to her family. She's optimistic, but TBH, it might be premature. Her family was AWFUL to him.

Chris says he’s willing to move to Vancouver for her, which is valiant, but a little one-sided. Lyndsey won’t even put Toronto on the table. Wouldn’t true partners have a discussion about both options?

When Chris gives Lyndsey the invitation to the Fantasy Suite, he lets her in on her sisters' warnings about having an overnight with her. Lyndsey says she’s a big girl and can make her on decisions – and her decision is to forgo her own room.

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Mikaela’s first to meet Chris’ parents, who are just as sweet, measured, and supportive as when we met them at the start of the season.

Things go super well between Chris' mom and Mikaela. Mikaela opens up and doesn’t hold anything back. They even have the same hairdo!

She says her heart tells her Mikaela would be a good match for Chris – and Keith definitely concurs.

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Things do not go so well with Lyndsey. When Chris says she’s 23 they’re basically like:

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Before she even meets them, Chris’ mom tells Chris he’d be better off with someone his own age. And when Lyndsey tells Chris’ mom she’s not willing to move to Toronto, it comes off as callous and a touch hypocritical. Family’s important to her, but what about HIS family?

Oy. It’s too bad, too, because Marian and Keith are total gems. After Lyndsey leaves, Chris’ mom puts his season-long struggle to open up into an airtight sports metaphor: "You can go on the mound in Yankee Stadium and pitch a 94-mile an hour fastball, you don't think that's vulnerable? How is that different? Because one is your body strength and the other's your heart?"

With that mom wisdom, Chris is good to go. It’s still hard to say who he’ll pick, but one thing is for sure: Chris is ready to let his guard down and be swept away by love.

OK, two things are clear. That, yes. But also this: things are going to GO DOWN next week during The Women Tell-All.

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