The Bachelor Canada Recap: Hometowns

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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Hometowns

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November 30, 2017

Hometowns are finally here! It’s time for Chris to meet the parents...or face the firing squad, depending on which top three family he’s with. It’s hard to understate how important Hometowns are. One of these three crews could be the family Chris spends all his future holidays with!

With that in mind, let's get right to it…

First, we head to the Paris of the prairies, Winnipeg. But before we meet Mikaela’s parents, Chris has to meet Checkers, one of the horses at the stables where she grew up riding. (Yes, Mikaela’s a Horse Girl.)

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Right away, Mikaela gets a kiss hello. The kiss count starts super early this week! (Kiss Count: 1)

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Mikaela talks a lot about how into Chris she is, but he talks about he’s not sure he knows her very well. It’s not very encouraging...but they at least make out a lot?

When it comes time to meet her parents, Mikaela reveals Chris will be meeting two (!) dads – both her birth father, Clive, and her step dad Michael. At this point, Chris is sweating bullets.

Mikaela’s adorable little brother Luke starts off the grilling, but it’s Mikaela’s dad who really puts him through the ringer, pressing him on everything from his post-baseball career aspirations to whether he finished university. Chris is caught pretty off-guard (pal, you knew this was coming!) and flustered by the barrage of questions.

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Eventually, after monitoring him for shifty eye movements for what felt like forever, Chris passes Clive’s test. The grilling ends with a seriously sweet seal of approval: “If Mikaela comes home with a ring on her finger and I look her in the eyes and know she’s truly happy, that’s good enough for me.” 

Nothing like dad love, right?

With the first hometown in the bag, it’s on to Toronto! When he arrives, Chris is hoping to see a laid-back version of Catie in her home environment. All season long, Catie’s been promising Chris she has a chill side, but he has yet to see it (and, TBH, the audience hasn’t seen it either). This is her last chance to prove she can move at at least a slightly slower pace.

He meets her in a coffee shop where, fingers crossed, she got decaf. As soon as he sits down, Catie tells Chris she loves him. His reaction is...not great.

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But then he grabs her and kisses her! (Kiss Count: 2)

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But, unfortunately for Catie, Chris thinks she’s just as hyped up and intense as ever, if not more so than usual. He can’t get a word in edgewise. This is *not* “chill” Catie! YOU are not chill, honey. And you for sure shouldn’t have had a coffee.

Then things start to get weird. Really, really weird. Catie pulls out a notebook and explains to Chris she wrote pages and pages about her ideal partner. According to the journal, Catie’s “soul mate” is tall, blond and athletic, which is *very* specific and, TBH, a little superficial compared to the kinds of things people usually journal about.

Here’s the kicker: she gave a name to her theoretical soul mate and it was – yep – Chris.

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Chris’ reaction is, verbatim: “That’s insane.”

Catie just keeps digging this whole manifested soul mate thing deeper and deeper. 

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This all makes Chris suuuuuuuuper uncomfortable, and understandably so. But it’s hard to get a reading on his feelings for Catie. He keeps talking about how intense she is, but then he goes and says she’s cute and brings out the best in him. It’s confusing.

Their coffee date’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S, but the visit with her family actually goes really well. Catie’s parents are, somehow, super chill. They're soft and gentle and sweet!

It’s shocking how relaxed they are compared to Catie. Like, did she hire these people to trick Chris into thinking she’s super chill? Did she write in her magic journal that she wanted two very chill parents to introduce to Soul Mate Chris, her manifested destiny boyfriend?

Chris says they remind him exactly of his own family and he has an immediate love for them. Love! Coffee was a bust, but it’s easy to see Chris fitting in with Catie’s family and that’s a major win. When he leaves, it’s hugs all around.

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From Toronto, we head all the way west to Duncan, the “town of totems” on Vancouver Island. Chris meets Lyndsey on six acres of farmland owned by her grandfather that are stunningly beautiful.

She gets a super serious kiss hello from Chris. (Kiss Count: 3. Hometowns are three for three in terms of kissing, what else did you expect?)

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After introducing him to her super cute 91-year-old grandad, Lyndsey sits Chris down for a picnic at a very special site – the spot her grandfather said goodbye to her grandmother after months in the hospital and a lifetime of love. The gesture is not lost on Chris, who is taken aback with Lyndsey’s thoughtfulness.

“That’s what I want: someone who’s going to love you until your very last moment,” Lyndsey tells him. Then she tells him she loves him and he admits in an interview he loves her too. (!!!!!)

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Then he announces he wants to ask Lyndsey’s dad for permission to propose to her!!!!

It’s without a doubt the most successful Hometown, at least until they show up at Lyndsey’s family home.

Listen, there’s no way of putting this nicely. Her family are pretty much monsters to Chris. They haaaaaate that he’s from Toronto and when they hear he’s never camped and has only been on one hike in his life they’re like:

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Then his age comes up. Chris makes them guess how old he is, which is just, like, honey, no. When they find out he’s 33, his sister’s reaction says it all.


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Chris literally says it's the most awkward situation he's been in in his life. But things get even worse once he has to face Lyndsey’s dad and sisters without her. They go way, way beyond love-led protection for their family member. They’re straight up nasty to Chris. Her dad makes a comment about “shooting him like a mule” then her sisters are somehow even MORE rude than him.

One of them actually asks him if he has more “age appropriate” options in his final three. Then when he says he’s not sure what he’s going to do for a job now that he’s retired from baseball she laughs in his face.

Then she asks him not to offer Lyndsey the Fantasy Suite card. They’re pretty much just like: walk away, Chris. WALK AWAY!

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And, LBR, on that point, they’re 100% right. Chris should RUN away from this family. It is NOT one he wants to be a part of.

Chris is, without a doubt, thrilled to leave BC and head back to his own turf in Toronto for the rose ceremony. Not that things get any easier there. All three ladies show up looking gorgeous (even Lyndsey, who is visibly upset about her family’s smear campaign).

Now, without further ado, his first rose goes to (duh!) Mikaela. Then……….. LYNDSEY!

Catie! Is! Shocked!

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Flabbergasted. She has so many question but Chris has no answers for her. "There's just something missing and I can't pinpoint it," he tells her.

She's infuriated and confused. It’s basically a repeat of when she ended up on the two-on-one date with Kait. As was the case all season, Catie’s simply unable to see the signs Chris has long had serious doubts about her. Even in the car, once it’s all over, she can’t let it go.

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Yikes! Nevermind that messiness, though. This is cause for celebration for Mikaela and Lyndsey. Final two!! And we’re headed back to warm weather for the final stretch. See y’all in the Mayan Riviera next week!

Missed the episode last night? Watch it online here.

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