The Bachelor Canada Recap: Night One

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The Bachelor Canada Recap: Night One

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Russ Martin

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October 11, 2017

Pour yourself a glass of pinot grigio because season three of The Bachelor Canada has officially begun! 

Let’s start out with the stats on our Canuck dreamboat: he’s a 32-year-old retired pro pitcher who once played for the Yankees.

Also: he’s hot. Like, really hot. Really, really hot. He’s got sparkly eyes! He’s blond, beautiful, and drives a little red convertible to boot. We drop down on Chris jogging shirtless down the beach (more shirtless Chris, please and thanks) and house shopping in Mississauga. He’s ready to settle down and who wouldn’t want to cruise the paint sample aisle at Canadian Tire with him?

After a sweet meeting with his perfectly paired off family – his parents have been married 40 years and his brother is already married, too - Chris has a heart-to-heart with one of Bachelor Nation’s power couple Katilyn and Shawn. 

Kaitlyn comes in with the real talk: "As the Bachelor, you’re constantly hurting people’s feelings and disappointing them." Shawn’s more practical: "Just make sure you kiss them all." Both were correct. (Side note: they’re as adorable as ever and still so in love. Swoon.)

Now let’s find out a little about our contestants…

First, we’ve got to talk about Mermaid Girl, who’s giving Dolphin Girl and her shark costume a serious swim for her fish. Lisa’s a graphic designer who is also a mermaid. Yep. It’s a thing. A mer-mazing thing! 

If that weren’t enough (which it def was), she’s also the internet’s Squirrel Girl. She’s obsessed with squirrels and the squirrels in her neighbourhood are apparently obsessed with her, too. They eat out of her palm and crawl all over her. Now she wants to be Chris’ squirrelfriend!

There’s also Dee, a self-described princess tomboy who rides motorcycles and owns a spray tanning business. Shanti, a model turned real estate student who’s a haters-be-your-motivators gym bunny. Meghan, who was called Flatty Patty by mean girls in high school (if you're one of those girls and reading this: ruuuuuude!), and Brittany M., a literal Miss Calgary.

Getting to know the contestants is nice, but we were itching for the limo entrances – and clearly so was Chris.

First out of the gate is Lyndsey, a publicist from Vancouver, who scores high with Chris. Then Catie, who’s first to cart in a prop: “legal” papers she serves him with for the final rose. She is a lawyer, after all. The bit lands with Chris. 

Meghan one-upped her with a few characteristically Canadian props including a bottle of screech, a Sou'Wester cap, and a big ol’ fish. Chris handled his impromptu Screeching In like a champ, even if the fish wasn’t the kiss he was looking for.

Then there was Kait, a "luxury travel nomad" with the looks of a '20s silent film star and the unplaceable accent of Madonna’s English countryside era. She scores points for her dress reveal.

Other highlights: Mikaela, a fashion publicist from Winnipeg who brings matching promise rings and successfully gets Chris to agree to talk to her first inside the house, and Jessie, a youth care practitioner from a town in Ontario unironically called Emo.

The most awkward arrival of the night goes to our dear mermaid Lisa who barely gets a word in before waddling into the house. 

Her drink order, at least, was pretty funny. “Something strong, because I’m dressed as a mermaid.”

After pulling her promise ring stunt, Mikaela proves she still has a few more tricks up her off-the-shoulder sleeves. Is asking a guy to hold your hand to make you less nervous a strategy from some lady-version of The Game?

Pricilla tries to jump out of a cake, but her confetti cannon doesn’t work. Then she adds a whole lot of, uh, texture to “Happy Birthday.” It’s a little rough. 

Even more rough, Shanti flips out over Chris not pulling her aside just as the First Impression Rose appears. She locks herself in a washroom and starts going on about how she’s not That Girl while totally being That Girl. She temper tantrums her way into a one-on-one with Chris, which the other ladies are rightfully pissed about.

Shanti is going to be our Not Here To Make Friends girl and we strongly believe she’ll be the most entertaining to watch.

Also in the Not Here To Make Friends category: our beauty queen, Brittany M., who boldly double dips by cutting in for a second one-on-one chat with Chris. 

As for the First Impression Rose? It goes to… Dee! 

A solid pick: she’s already showing herself to be a real sweetheart and she seems like she could be a great match for Chris.

Those sadly on the outs: Shaleen, Madelaine, Irish Stephanie, Chelsea, and Pricilla. The 15 remaining girls are  HEADED TO COSTA RICA!!

This is how excited we are for next week:


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