Hockey Wives S3E1 Recap: An Emotional Kick-Off

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Hockey Wives S3E1 Recap: An Emotional Kick-Off

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Taylor McIlwaine

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April 19, 2017

A brand new season of Hockey Wives has officially kicked off! The puck drops in Montreal with veteran Maripier Morin on the set of her very own talk show. Career wise, things seem to be hotter than ever for the Quebec starlet, her relationship with current free agent, Brandon Prust, on the other hand? A tad bit more tense.

We join MP and Brandon in London, ON for his charity golf tournament, where our girl collects $100 from as many NHL players as possible in exchange for the chance to see her jump in the murky lake. MP explains that it’s been a very rough summer for her man, given his contract-less state. So while frustrated by his lashing out at her, she maintains that it’s important for her to be extra supportive right now.

Later, we rejoin the couple in Montreal where Brandon, although clearly not thrilled about it, has agreed to join MP for a Global Citizen event that she’s been asked to host. The catch? It’s at the Bell Centre where Brandon used to play with the Canadiens, which makes for a less than enjoyable evening for the two.

Next, we meet Catherine Laflamme, wife of Pittsburgh Penguins star defenseman, Kris Letang. The pair are wrapping things up in Montreal after a short summer fresh off the heels of a Stanley Cup Win!

We learn that Catherine is starting her own children’s clothing line, Alex et Estelle, with a fellow hockey wife. She expresses nervousness about kicking off the line online in Montreal, while living in Pittsburgh and taking care of her 3 year-old son, Alex and allowing her husband to concentrate on hockey.

Later, we hear that although Catherine has suffered miscarriages, a baby number 2 is still in the plans. She’s staying positive that this year is the year!

Over to Portneuf, QC now to meet the Vlasics! Martine and
Marc-Édouard Vlasic are back at their cottage following a tough elimination from the Stanley Cup playoffs, the first time the San Jose Sharks have seen a final in their history!

Although the Vlasic’s already have 3 gorgeous fur babies, Martine confides in a girlfriend that despite challenges to get pregnant, including miscarriages, she isn’t giving up on baby Vlasics to carry on the legacy.

Later, in Quebec City, Martine pulls off an epic surprise party for her man to celebrate his 10 years in the NHL.

Last, but certainly not least, we meet real estate maven and mama, Erica Lundmark. Balancing her multi-million dollar real estate business and taking care of her 3 young children, essentially alone, since her husband Jamie Lundmark has been playing in Austria for the last 5 years.

The couple’s eldest son, Austin, kicks off his own hockey season with a goal! Erica is thrilled that with the help of a little technology, her husband is able to stream the game to Austria and despite not being able to tie his son’s skates or tape his stick, he can still be a part of it.

Erica helps fellow NHL family, Dale and Lauren Weise find a temporary home in Philadelphia and explains that this is exactly why she does what she does, she understands the pain of having to move time after time, sharing that she ended up having to move into their first family home alone because Jamie was unexpectedly traded just days before. 

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