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Hockey Wives S3E5 Recap: From Russia With Love

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Taylor McIlwaine

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May 18, 2017

This week Hockey Wives goes across the globe! But, first we’re in Toronto with Maripier and her man, Brandon, where is still practicing with the Maple Leafs and our Quebec starlet is continuing her missing to conquer complete canadian domination. 
While MP is in town for cover shoots and meetings and not solely to visit with her man, it’s clear that things for the couple are on the mend.

Meanwhile, fellow Montrealer Catherine is back in town from Pittsburgh to handle some business around the launch of her children’s clothing line and she’s brought along her pouty sidekick Alex to help model some of the designs.

Taking advantage of her time at home, Catherine gets together with one of her oldest friends. Talk eventually turns to an update on Baby Number 2 for the Letangs when Catherine confesses that doctors have confirmed her chances of getting pregnant again are low due to a genetic condition. 

Worlds collide when both of our Montreal "wives" get together for a drink and to discuss the importance of pursuing your own goals rather than letting themselves be defined by the achievements of their significant other.

Over in Quebec City, the time has come for Martine to pack up her stuff and head  to San Jose to join Marc for the rest of the hockey season.

First, a party! Martine enjoys one last night in with her friends and family.

It 's a bittersweet moment. Martine doesn't hide the fact that she’s not looking forward to feeling homesick. She knows how lonely life could become for her in California with her hubby consistently on the ice.

In a Hockey Wives first, we head to Russia, specifically Vladivostok, where Emilie FINALLY gets to be with her husband Jonathan, who's suffering from a broken elbow as a result of an on-ice accident.

Over lunch at home with her hubby, Emilie expresses concerns that her pregnancy needs to take a bit of a back seat to Jon’s injury. The thought of delivering this baby without Jonathan at her side makes her cry (who could blame her?). 

Ultimately, after a meeting with the team doctor and assistant GM, Jonathan is cleared to return home for the birth of baby Blum—Phew! Glad this episode ends on a happy note.

Tune in to brand new episodes of Hockey Wives Wednesdays at 10 E/P!


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