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Hockey Wives Season 3 Finale Recap: So Many Emotions!

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Taylor McIlwaine

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June 15, 2017

Things got very emotional on the final episode as we wrapped things up with the ladies we’ve come to know and love over the last nine weeks. Under such sad circumstances, is there a better way to kick things off than a wine tasting in Nappa Valley? The answer is a hard no.

Martine and another hockey wife took to the vineyards to unwind. This was Martine’s first break from the house since Kelly’s injury. The two ladies discussed Martine and Marc’s decision to put baby-making plans hold, leading Martine to realize that maybe, subconsciously, she’s more afraid of the failure than she originally understood.

Back at home in San Jose, despite taking a slapshot to the face and ultimately fracturing his face, Marc is more concerned about the spice-level on his pre-game pasta than anything else. Talk turns to the Stanley Cup.

FUN FACT: Martine predicts that the there’s no way the Penguins will repeat as Stanley Cup champions. Turns out, this week the Penguins did repeat as Stanley Cup champions.)

Speaking of the playoffs, conversation later turns to what life will look like for the Vlasics in the off-season. Is trying again for a baby back on the table? The couple agree to re-evaluate when things are “back to normal” after Kelly and Marc’s injuries heal.

Meanwhile, Maripier is wrapping up her trip to Germany, where she’s been visiting Brandon for the first time since his decision to play overseas. MP reiterates how her goal for the visit was to simply reconnect with her man. Before leaving, she made sure to watch him play for the first time with his new team.

MP is anxious at thought of once again having to assimilate into a new Wives Room at the arena. Explaining that there is often a bit of discrimination between wives and girlfriends, MP says none of her experiences, across a handful of NHL teams, were good ones. Thankfully, her first time with the ladies in Germany turns out to be a much better experience.

On their final night together in Germany, Brandon suggest the pair pull the trigger and “just get married” suggesting a summer date of July 22nd. Here’s to hoping that day rings true so we can finally catch MP walking down the aisle in what is bound to be the most beautiful wedding dress ever! 

Back in the United States, Erica has managed to pull off a killer surprise visit from Jamie, who is about to enter into contract negotiations for the next hockey season. Jamie walking through the door of their Philadelphia home while his kids believe dad is still over in Austria may have been our favourite moment of the season.

Erica and Jamie are both most concerned with how another year apart may impact their eldest son. In a heartbreaking moment, Jamie asks 11 year-old Austin whether or not he thinks Dad should keep playing. Through watered eyes, Austin says ‘Yes’ but Erica knows he’s just trying to be strong, that it’s becoming increasingly hard for the little man to grow up without his dad full-time.

So, can the Lundmarks hold on for another year? Given that Jamie’s body still has it in him and the fact that he’s fresh off a 30-goal season (GO JAMIE!) all signs seem to point to yes. While Erica admits that she will never be the one to tell Jamie when to pack it in, she reassures her man that she can handle whatever decision he makes.

In Pittsburgh, the Letangs hit the zoo to meet, what else, some penguins! The Pittsburgh Zoo have brilliantly named their penguins after players from the NHL franchise. So of course, the family had to go down to meet Tanger, the 18 year old named after Kris.

Catherine is happy to have Kris at home for back to back days and jumps on the opportunity to host a family game night for the adorable trio.

Finally, Catherine opens up about what life for the Letangs will look like in the  off-season, explaining that she’s excited for the future of her clothing line, Alex & Estelle, and the potential for another baby. Considering the level of cuteness these two reproduce, we’re all very excited!

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