Maripier Morin on What to Do and See in Montreal

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Maripier Morin on What to See and Do in Montreal

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Natalia Buia

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May 12, 2017

If you've been constantly refreshing your weather app, you'll notice the temperature is approaching double digits - finally! Toss those thick tights in the garbage because for the next six months it's jean jackets and summer dresses! (Okay, maybe a heavy sweater and rainboots here and there).

With warm weather comes the urge to explore. And since our great nation turns 150 years old this year, there's no better time to road trip to Montreal than now.

Driving is the ultimate form of travel this summer. Yes, it takes a whole lot longer than flying but it can save you lots of money. You also get to spend hours catching uo with your girlfriends while listening to the ultimate jams of the '90s. Maybe a meet-cute at the gas station? You never know. 

Montreal native Maripier Morin spoke with W Dish about her top recommendations for you and your travelling girl squad. In a trendy and electrifying city like Montreal, there's so much to see, do, shop and eat (hello, poutine!).


Yes, you can't visit Quebec without a bite of their signature dish. "If you've never been to Montreal before, the best place to get poutine is Ma Poule Mouillée. They do a crazy poutine with spicy sauce, chicken and chorizo. It's to die for," Maripier says. And she's not lying! As soon as you sit down at this small over-the-counter restaurant you'll wish you had a second stomach. 

You can find on 969 Rachel St E., just a little bit west of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. You'll want to bring an appetite  and plenty of wet naps. 


After being in a car all day, you'll want to loosen tight muscles with a little R&R. Maripier swears by the Bota Bota Spa. The historic river ferry turned upscale floating spa offering diverse treatments such as deep tissue massage, facial treatments, yoga Thai, and Nordic baths. "The different stations are amazing. There's also a huge pool to swim in. It's definitely go-to spot to relax," she says. 

A few hours at this spa is like a vacation in and of itself. No matter where you are on the boat, the view is simply breathtaking. It is recommended to enjoy the outdoor hot tub at night, because the city lights are divine! 

You'll find Bota Bota aboard a ship docked at the Port of Montreal. Parking is available on 75 Queen St., a quick walk away. So hit the brakes and pamper yourself already!


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Maripier reveals Saint-Paul St. is where she likes to walk around and explore art galleries. In the historic district located south of downtown, Saint-Paul is booming with tourists with a creative eye.

Go together with your girlfriends or on your own for some downtime and visit Les Galeries d’Art Beauchamp ClassiqueGalerie Le Royer and Aka Gallery to name a few. You might just bump into Maripier herself. 


Just like Parisians, Montrealers are known for their style, and the city offers retail destinations to match. I'm talking about one of a kind boutiques full of garments your sister will want to borrow as soon as you buy them. "Saint Catherine St. is still the reference when it comes to shopping. But you can also find a lot of hidden gems on St. Paul," Maripier says.

Take Espace Pepin, for example. Located at 350 Saint-Paul St., it's where you can find an amazing variety of shoes and women's clothing from location designers.

Then, head over to Denis Gagnon for contemporary pieces crafted from silk, leather & other fine fabrics. 

If your feet and wallet aren't completely tortured by the end of the day, pop in to Boutique 1861. This is where you can find pretty gowns for events and summer weddings. Who doesn't want to play dress up with their BFFs? There's a lot of pink inside the shop so you'll want to snap tons of Instagram pics.

What are you waiting for? Grab your squad and hit the road. 



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