Nashville S05E11 Recap: Someone is Pregnant

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Nashville S5E11 Recap: Someone is Pregnant

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Russ Martin

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March 13, 2017

Maddie takes New York by storm on Nashville this week. After her star-making turn at the CMT awards, she jumped to the top of every talk show booker’s dream guest list.

Everyone agrees it’s too soon for Maddie to make the press rounds – except, of course, Juliette. When Juliette finds out Maddie’s been turning down spots on late night shows, she offers to take Maddie to New York to make TV appearances herself.

After a little convincing, Maddie and Juliette on a plane to New York. And at first, it everything goes well. Maddie’s a hit on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. She’s charming, affable, and doges questions about Rayna like a pro. Trevor even lays cash down on the table as a mock pre-order for her album.

Things take a turn for the worse on Harry, though. Maddie fumbles her way through an answer about how all eyes have been on her since Rayna’s passing. “Obviously I’m not like, ‘Thanks mom, for all the attention I’m getting,’” she says.

It’s...not a good look. Doing press was a touch declasse, but that soundbite is straight up tacky. Right away, blogs start picking the story up, leaving Maddie in tears. She decides to bail on her Good Morning America Tour and return to Nashville, where she probably should have been along.

Elsewhere, Zach is pushing Deacon to hand over Rayna’s last recordings. He wants to strike while the iron is hot and release her unfinished album.

Zach’s true colours are starting to show and the revelation isn’t good. Sure, releasing an album would be good business, but demanding Deacon give up his dead wife’s unfinished material is heartless. Zach even pleads with Will to do his bidding for him and try to convince Deacon to change his mind. This is not the kind of man Will should be with.

When Zach pushes Deacon to hand over the recordings, Deacon snaps at him. “Do you know what these songs are about?” he screams. “They’re about UNDYING LOVE!”

Avery eventually steps in and acts as the voice of reason. When he overhears Will, Bucky, Scarlett and Gunnar talking about how to get Deacon to record his portion of his duets Rayna, Avery delivers a passionate speech.

“This man just lost the love of his life. How’s he supposed to act? We need to be there for him, not ask things of him.”

In that moment, Avery proves himself to be Deacon’s greatest ally, not to mention a true friend. And afterwards, he comes up with a solution that pleases everyone – even Zach. Deacon rounds up Will, Juliette, Scarlett, and Gunnar, and brings them to Deacon’s studio. He pulls up the tracks Rayna and Deacon had been working on, then surprises him with an offer to sing them as a group.

It brings tears to Deacon’s eyes. He wasn’t ready to finish the work, but he knew in his heart Rayna would have wanted him to.

Everyone takes their turn in the booth, including Maddie and Daphne. Then, finally, Deacon steps in and sings along with Rayna’s voice.

It’s a beautiful moment and, even more so than the funeral, a fitting tribute to Rayna.

Right before the end of the episode, we get a massive cliffhanger. (This is Nashville, after all.) Scarlett tells Gunnar: 

And...she doesn’t know who the father is. (!!!)

Sorry, Nashies. You’ll have to wait until the summer to find out how this one shakes out.