Nashville S5E13 Recap: Rising Up Like The Phoenix

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Nashville S5E13 Recap: Rising Up Like The Phoenix

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Russ Martin

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June 9, 2017

It’s Music Week in Music City, which means performances by all our favourite Nashvillians, from The Exes to Avery, plus a healthy sprinkling of IRL country acts (Little Big Town and Dierks Bentley both get name checked.)

But the real big ticket is Juliette Barnes, who’s on deck for her first performance since her plane crash. Trouble is, Juliette’s having fuzzy episodes and near blackouts.

Her dissociative state brings on childhood flashbacks, giving us a peek into the trailer park in her memory. The flashbacks of her alcoholic mother and the death of her dad go a long way to explaining the chip Juliette’s always had on her shoulder.

It’s easy to sympathize. Or, rather, it would be if she didn’t lean back into her worst tendencies when things get rough. After a patchy rehearsal, Juliette decides to ditch the church choir and stick to her hits. Which would be understandable, if she were honest about it. Instead, she tells Hallie Jordan her the record label made the decision, then gets her to break the bad news to the the choir.

Juliette's lie blows up in her face, of course, but more on that in a bit. First we have to talk about Daphne and her Daria phase.

For the uninitiated: Daria’s a cult cartoon spun off from Beavis and Butthead. It’s a loved by mopey teenagers everywhere and, in the case of Daphne, shorthand that signals she’s about to go full-on angsty teen. Last thing: For the record, Daphne’s acoustic cover of the Daria theme music is excellent.

This week Daphne’s teen angst brings us back to the warehouse squat and her new bad girl pal Liv. She follows Liv to a junkyard where Liv busted stealing then pierced by a barbed wire fence.

After Liv gets all cut up, Daphne decides to bring her home with her. When Deacon discovers Daphne’s harbouring a fugitive in her bedroom, he freaks out. But then he totally flips when Daphne flashes him her Disney eyes and says Liv can stay. So, it looks like Liv – and Daphne’s angsty streak – are sticking around for a bit.

Across town, Damien makes his big return. He thinks he’s in for a date night with Scarlett, but oh boy is he in for a surprise. Scarlett springs the news he’s going to be a father on him right away, like, literally the second he sits down.

All things considered, he takes the news OK, if a little cooly, offering her money, not emotional support. Cold perhaps, but Scarlett sprang news of a pregnancy on a guy she’s been out with, what, a handful of times?

He more than makes up for it later, showing up at Scarlett’s door to profess his love and say they can work it out. They both know that’s not true and Scarlett tells him as much. What about this new relationship, which, let’s remember, started with Scarlett hating him, says “Let’s be a family” to him?

Now, back to Juliette: after a much-needed talk with Avery, she comes to her senses, humbles herself, and returns to the church to apologize to the choir. She admits she lied and asks for forgiveness, even admitting she doesn’t deserve it.

She also corrects course and asks them to back her for her big return to the stage. And despite all she’s done, they agree and show up backstage at the arena, all ready in their robes.

Just before she ascends the stairs to the stage, she has another flashback, but this time it’s not a memory; it’s a vision of her father in the woods, saying goodbye to her. It’s what she needed to hear and it snaps her out of the episode. Then, slowly but triumphantly, she heads up the stairs, one stiletto at a time.

When she descends onto a stained glass stage in a cloud of smoke and hits her first note, she sounds beautiful. And with the choir alongside her, she puts on a damn good show.

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