Nashville S5E19 Recap: All That is Lost and Found

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Nashville S5E19 Recap: All That is Lost and Found

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July 21, 2017

After surviving a plane crash, rehabilitation, and a nearly career debilitating detour into gospel music, Juliette Barnes finally has another hit on her hands. When we drop down on Juliette this week, her career is finally back on track. Her new single, Water Rising, is flying up the charts and after being counted out of the pop world, she’s poised for a comeback.

There’s just one one problem. Water Rising was supposed to be Maddie’s song. For weeks now we’ve seen Juliette hold the secret that she snatched the song away from Maddie close to her chest. But the truth was always going to come out eventually. When it finally does, there’s full-on fireworks. Or, rather, waterworks. But we’ll get to that in a second.

With the success of the single, Zach sets up a surprise appearance by Juliette at one of Maddie’s shows. Water Rising is a smash when they perform it together. And maybe that’s what they should have done all along. If she’d pitched the song as a duet, Juliette could have had her cake and eaten it too.

On stage, Maddie calls Juliette “an artist she’s admired since she was old enough to download her own music.” Bless her unknowing little heart, she even stops by Juliette’s the next day to thank her for her support. Oh, if she only knew… and so enough she does.

At the launch party for the song, the songwriter catches Maddie on the way out and tells her he’d still like to work with her even though she passed on Water Rising, to which she is like, “Ummmmm, what?”

She puts two and two together pretty quick. When she does, Juliette finally gets what’s coming to her:

It was a total Dynasty moment. Joan Collins would be proud.  

Things are looking bad for Juliette – especially if she can’t find some way to spin the bad publicity from the catfight at her single launch – but they’re far worse for Scarlett, who has a much more sombre situation on her hands.

Both Scarlett and Gunnar as suffering night terrors after their attack. Scarlett’s depressed and bed bound and just when it seems things can’t get worse for her, they do yet again. She discovers she’s bleeding and rushes to the hospital where the doctors infor her she’s miscarried.

Scarlett is, of course, devastated, and so is Gunnar. He beats himself up about not doing more to protect Scarlett, but he’s playing a fool’s game. He was looking straight down the barrel of a gun. The only thing to do in that scenario is try to get out alive and that’s exactly what he did.

He ends up driving around town like a vigilante, looking for revenge. He eventually finds it, pulling up on the kid who robbed them in a back alley, tackling him in a violent rage.

It’s an ugly moment and it solves nothing. Looking at the kid’s young face, it’s easy to see he’s ignorant, young, and stupid. He did a monstrous thing, but he’s probably not a monster. Or at least, he still has the chance not to be.

Back at Scarlett’s, Jessie unexpectedly shows up on the stoop with a care package in hand. At first Scarlett’s upset Deacon told her about the miscarriage, but she hears her out when Jessie explains she miscarried twice. She’s seriously overstepping boundaries here, but her heart’s in the right place.

They end up sitting over tea talking about what it’s like to say goodbye to someone they’ve never met. It’s healing for Scarlett, but Deacon freaks out when he finds out.

It’s yet another hot to cold moment for Deacon and Jessie. These two have stopped and started so many times on their will-they-or-won’t-they road to wherever they’re headed it’s hard to keep count.

By the end of the episode Deacon apologizes and they’re right back to hot again. Jessie tells Deacon she doesn’t want to sign with Highway 65 because she wants to keep some “work boundaries” and we all know what that means. These two have been circling each other for weeks. They’re bound to wind up together soon.

Nashville’s other current hot and cold couple, meanwhile, is in a decidedly cold place. Scarlett tells Gunnar it seems like the only thing that makes him happy is her and she can’t bare that weight, breaking it off with him once again. Will this be it, for real? Or just another bump in the road? Honestly, with these two, it’s always impossible to tell.

At the end of the episode, Scarlett finds a way to say goodbye to the child she lost. At a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, she gives a passionate, personal speech about the unnecessary shame of female healthcare, the hypocrisy of sexual education, and her miscarriage.

“I am here saying this for her, for my daughter,” Scarlett says. “I imagined a future for her that was limitless. The only way we can get there is to strip away the secrecy and the shame, because that is what makes us stronger.”

And when she starts to sing, her voice is just as beautiful as her words.

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