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Nashville S5E8 Recap: Rayna's Worst Nightmare

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Russ Martin

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February 17, 2017

Let’s just get right to it: wow. Like, wooooow.

This week’s episode has the most twists and turns we’ve seen all season. Towards the end of the episode, Rayna comes face to face with her stalker, Carl – or as we now know him, Wayne. She’s listening to her headphones in her office at Highway 65 when Wayne suddenly appears across the hall.

He rises up menacingly as a shadowy figure, knife in hand, and when Rayna sees him, she completely freaks out.

For a few frames, everything turns full-on slasher flick. Then something unexpected happens: we see a human, albeit damaged, side of Wayne. Rayna’s chilled to the bone, but she manages to talk to Wayne and hear him out. We find out he’s the product of a broken home and had abusive, alcoholic parents. Then she drops a bombshell: “My father was a sociopath, killed my mother and covered it up. That happened when I was 12 years old.” She’s trying to show him she relates, but she also needs a distraction. And it works – while Wayne breaks down in tears, Rayna calls 911. Then she makes a break for it.

Wayne catches her, however police bust in at exactly the same time. They have a standoff, but Rayna convinces him to put the knife down and let her go. Even THEN, though, the trouble’s not over for Rayna. There’s still one more twist, but let’s quickly visit the other residents of Nashville before we get to it…

What’s Scarlett getting herself into with Damien? There’s an electricity between them, but is it really worth throwing away everything she has with Gunnar?

She has lunch with Damien and decides she definitely has feelings for him. Before anything major happens, though, she sits Gunnar down and tells him she doesn’t want to date anyone and needs time to think. Scarlett should be applauded for her honesty, but it’s hard to believe she’s making a good choice. Soon enough, we find her and Damien in fuzzy bathrobes in his hotel room. 

If Damien makes Scarlett happy, great. But it’s sad to see her leave Gunnar for a guy she was calling out for his screwed up views about women just a couple weeks back. A Swiftian word of warning, Scarlett: you knew he was trouble when he walked in.

Over at the church, Juliette is trying to convince the choir to make a gospel record with her. She gets pushback at first – she did, after all, just start going to church and listening to gospel music. What license does she have to make music that’s deeply rooted in religion and black culture? After an impassioned plea, though, she wins the choir over. Importantly, she says, "I realize that I’m just a guest here. And with that, the gospel record is a go."

Back to Rayna. The police escort her from Highway 65 and put in the back of a cruiser, promising to get her home safe. She calls Deacon in tears and tells him something bad happened and she’s on her way home. Then things get even worse. A pickup truck smashes into the cop car.

Fade to black. 

No, no, no. This can't be the end of Rayna. She can't possibly survive the gruseome ordeal with her stalker only to get hit by a truck in the end. Rayna's gotten into a car accident before in Season 1 and if she can survive that, she can survive anything, right? We'll just have to wait nervously until next Thursdays at 9 E/P. 


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