Nashville S6E7 Recap: Maddie Caught in a Love Triangle

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Nashville S6E7 Recap: Maddie Caught in a Love Triangle

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Erica Cupido

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February 16, 2018

Call off the search party! Avery’s finally reacting to the fact that his wife is missing, and that she shipped off without a single clue as to when she’ll be back. Juliette traded her adorable family and decked out mansion for seclusion at The Movement for Coherent Philosophy (or, to everyone but her: “The Cult”) in Bolivia. Does V.I.P. treatment exist there? Apparently ghosting her husband is part of her path to enlightenment, as all of Avery’s calls go unanswered. We’ve been alarmed since his “wife, ex-wife, mother of my child, reason for drawing breath” disappeared, and he’s finally catching up. Thankfully, he’s ruled out contacting the CIA (that’s a different show) and Deacon is there to point out the obvious: “Y’all got a jet, right?” GENIUS!

Maddie continues to shut her father down every time he wants to have a Danny Tanner-style chat.

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So Deacon focuses all of his parenting on his younger, albeit wiser daughter, Daphne. Though, policing her breakfast is hardly necessary. Dig into that cereal, girl!

Deacon and Jessie head to open house at their children’s school, where live student performances are thinly veiled messages to their parents. Jake’s is an unexpected spoken word rant about those who underestimate him. Ah, teen angst. He didn’t choose this life! Cue what we’re dubbing “The Maitland Mic Drop.” Unsurprisingly, Daphne’s song is about the lonely path to healing. Are you listening, Deacon? She’s literally telling you SHE’S UNRAVELLING. Through our tears, we can see he gets it.

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Now, we’re not looking for reasons to align ourselves with Brad Maitland, but behind those tinted glasses he sees what we’ve known for years. THE CHILD IS A STAR.

Later, Deacon spots Daphne looking into Nashville’s Next Country Star, run by the man with questionable taste in eyewear. Despite her dad’s vote against it, she seems tempted to take her rightful place in the spotlight.

That’s two strikeouts for Deacon in the fatherly advice department. But he has a homerun talk with Jake at Jessie’s house about that YouTube-honed performance. Jessie’s moved by what she overhears, and when Jake heads off to visit his dad, she and Deacon finally sleep together.

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Speaking of hookups, Gunnar is spiraling out of control when it comes to Alannah. She’s happy to toast waffles and dodge questions but he and his bleached tips (do we spy a touch up?) are determined to make this the most meaningful night ever. His cringe-worthy attempts to get her to open up are epic fails, since she’s as vague during pillow talk as she is in interviews. The only story she’s sticking to is that she’s grateful be part of The Last Highways.

Gunnar’s hopeless romantic side hits destructive new lows when he confronts Alannah before their show and asks if she’s also sleeping with her ex. She responds with some cold, hard truth: “You need to find yourself a hobby, Gunnar.” #TEAMALANNAH After another crowd-pleasing show, she makes a lightning-fast exit. When Gunnar wonders where she’s headed, Will speaks for us all by saying, “More accurately, who cares?” Cue the applause.

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While the boys argue about Alannah’s role in the band, Avery breaks things up by dropping the news that he’s headed to Bolivia in the morning. He says this like it’s as casual as picking up beer on the way home. Later, Alannah takes us all by surprise by showing up at Gunnar’s door.

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Based on his extreme inability to keep his cool so far, we’re thinking she probably should’ve considered leaving this one alone.

But we’re suckers for romance, and it seems Maddie has a new one on the horizon! Armed with three weeks’ worth of paparazzi-ready outfits, she arrives in Miami for a long weekend with Jonah. Nashville’s answer to Justin Bieber immediately begins dropping cheesy lines when his sarcastic pal, Twig, sees Maddie. THOSE EYES! The boy has fallen hard and cannot help but positively beam when he sees her. Twig swoops in to break up the PDA by announcing Jonah has to get to sound check in a surprise British accent. Sorry, loves!

Twig’s lovelorn eyes appear again when Jonah and Maddie duet during his Righteous Tour concert (you read that right). We’re convinced Daphne would read this situation in a second. If young Twig is hiding a secret musical talent, he may have a true shot.

Jonah’s best friend proves yet again that he’s a potential dream date by offering Maddie fresh coffee, eggs and jokes in the morning.

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When Jonah announces he has to leave because he’s up for a movie role, his pal looks as though his prayers to Rayna Jaymes have been answered. One guy makes Maddie breakfast, the other says, “I’m going to get this role, and you’re going to get a tan.” IS THERE EVEN A CHOICE?

With his famous buddy out of the way, all dear Twig needs is an opportunity to get closer with Maddie. Enter the entourage with magic mushrooms and an unhealthy amount of peer pressure. When anxiety-ridden Twig takes one and panics, it’s Maddie to the rescue. There are candles, synchronized breathing and some deep conversation. He couldn’t have anticipated this, but the young man is making moves. He then lets it slip that music producing fascinates him. Will Maddie be his muse? She definitely deserves to be much more than Jonah’s arm candy.

Sparks are flying, people! Just as their banter leads to the perfect opportunity for him to ask for her number without it being, like, a thing, Jonah appears. Paging Hollywood! No one’s yet to fill him in on the fact that three’s a crowd, and that he’s about to get bumped to the supporting role in this teen saga.

Avery arrives at the Centre’s Bolivian Campus. Are there others? Perhaps one that’s a little closer to Nashville? It feels like someone here hasn’t done their research and might be abusing those private jet miles. Naturally, he has NO TIME for the receptionist and her extreme loyalty to the appointment system (Is the guard behind Avery also there to enforce these militant visiting rules?).

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Finally, the staff’s had enough of his COMPLETELY REASONABLE demands and reunites him with his wife. But this sedate Juliette is a far cry from the feisty performer we know and love. When she tells him she feels more like herself than ever, he knows she’s too far-gone. She wants Cadence to live with her, to which we’re all like:


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Avery begs to bring her home and this shell of the Juliette we once knew refuses. Watching this decent man continuously fight for her is as heartbreaking as her dismissal of him. She seals her goodbye with a kiss on his forehead and *literally* turns her back on her husband. AFTER EVERYTHING WE’VE, ER, THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH? It’s ice cold.

If our concern for Juliette is falling on deaf ears, can we please focus on Will? Our beloved gay cowboy nearly passes out at the gym. Medic! Dude’s gotta get his health in check before he can truly lead Nashville’s up-and-coming greatest band with the worst name. Meanwhile, Scarlett is nowhere to be found, but we’re not so worried. She’s likely prodding Sean with questions about his past and looking for farm-appropriate knitwear. We’re confident we’ll hear her singsong voice again next week.

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