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The 10 Most Memorable Movie Proposals

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Ashley Bennion

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May 23, 2013

Whether it’s a knight in shining armor whisking a woman off her feet or a meek man stopping traffic to profess his love, Hollywood knows how to deliver on wedding proposals. They're cheesy, they're romantic (and let's face it) they make us cry. So say "I Do" with our list of the ten most memorable cinematic proposals.

1. Sex and the City
A stunning Manhattan apartment, the most coveted shoe of the decade, and Mr. Big. It’s no wonder we all screamed ‘I Do!’ at the television when Carrie finally got her happily ever after.

2. Monster-in-Law
We’re not sure if this Jennifer Lopez movie coined the term 'Monster-in-Law', but Viola (Jane Fonda) is the epitome of one. We cringed when her claws came out during her son’s cute proposal to Mary (J-Lo). Oh, and the claws, they stayed out for the most of the movie too. 

3. Love Actually
A modern-day classic, this adorable movie has the proposal of every girl’s dream: a very public declaration of love in romantic France, and of course, Jamie (Colin Firth).

4. Bride Wars
The reminder that the proposal of marriage is just the beginning is highlighted in this hilarious movie. It might begin with two sweet proposals, but it eventually leads to best friends transforming into the biggest Bridezillas the silver screen has ever seen.

5. The Wedding Planner
We weren’t sure what  Mary (Jennifer Lopez)'s answer would be, but after that romantic, down-on-one-knee speech we weren’t surprised she said yes. (Too bad the man who proposed is not the Prince Charming she ends up with).

6. The Proposal
With such a perfectly titled movie, this scene had to make the list. We love the chemistry of work frenemies Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) and Margaret (Sandra Bullock) and the way their backwards relationship unfolds in such a sweet way.

7. Sweet Home Alabama
What’s a proposal without a ring and what’s a ring without the classic little blue box? The proposal scene in this movie has it all: Tiffany baubles as far as the eye can see and Patrick Dempsey (we really hope that men take note).

8. He’s Just Not That Into You
The tear-jerker of a proposal between long-term couple Neil (Ben Affleck) and Beth (Jennifer Aniston) is as sweet and romantic as they come. No dry eyes left in this room!

9. Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason
This mess of a proposal could only happen to Bridget Jones. But it just goes to show that love conquers all—even when you totally ruin your husband-to-be’s big moment.

10. Wedding Daze
Surely death and "Will you marry me?" shouldn’t go together, but it does in this movie, making it a most truly memorable proposal. At least it ends on a much lighter note.