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Potential Plots for Sex and the City 3

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Natalia Buia

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March 2, 2017

Like the tv series, the first Sex and the City movie was a massive hit, especially at the box office. The second installment, well, that bombed. Many of us disregard the sophomore effort for its racist undertones and cliché storylines. With it being 7 years since the last instalment came out, Sarah Jessica Parker and executive producer Michael Patrick King have been campaigning hard for a third. The Empire Strikes Back of SATC, if you will. Us hardcore fans are all for it! We believe all good things come in threes so it makes sense for the franchise to include a third and final story. 

So what's there to write about in Part 3? 

Samantha Gets Back Together With Smith Jarrod 
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We last saw the Fab Four happily domesticated. Well, Samantha was riding in cars with boys, but everyone else was happily married. Samantha will eventually realize Smith was her soulmate. He stood by her throughout her cancer battle and always shared his successes with her. Smith was a kind and loving soul who just wanted to hold her hand, for crying out loud! I refuse to live in a world where Sam and Smith live separate lives. They were a more believable and relatable couple than Carrie & Big ever will be.

Carrie Works at Buzzfeed
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In order to "get with the times", Carrie applies for the digital editor position at Buzzfeed. After a year of writing What Pizza Topping Are You? quizzes, she has to compete with 20-something-year-olds to get promoted to manager. It's a tough task given the industry and climate, but Carrie uses her connections wisely and manages to claw her way to the top. 

 Miranda Gets Convicted of Murder
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Everyone loves a good murder mystery. Picture this: Miranda's housekeeper Madga winds up dead in her house. Her husband and son are M.I.A. Police questions the neighbours in Brooklyn and come to the conclusion that Miranda's responsible and throws her in jail. Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie all work really hard together to clear her name. Carrie even enrolls in some late night law classes. It's very Double Jeopardy but with designer suits & briefcases. 

The Girls Travel to Space
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Paris, Mexio, the Middle East. What other lavish trip could these women go on to make us feel incredibly poor and unworthy? Space seems to be the only place. Samatha's PR firm works for a hot new astronaut named Buzz Hardcock who manages to hook the girls up with an all-expenses paid trip to the hottest new life-supported planet, Kendox. 

Charlotte Starts a Mommy Blog 
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Eventually this Park Avenue princess will get bored of sitting around at home, reorganizing her Tiffany jewelry collection and will want to partake in extracurricular activities. Her blog dedicated to high-strung parenting will turn her into the next social media sensation. She follows that up with a lucrative book deal and a line of baby clothes. Carrie gets insanely jealous that her writing isn't going very well. She couldn't help but wonder, will the jealousy break up such a beautiful friendship? 

Big Dies 
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Sorry, but someone has to die! These people are getting OLD, especially Big. With all those cigars he's been smoking combines with diet of red meat and whiskey, he has a heart attack and dies, leaving Carrie out there in the world alone. Until.... 

Carrie Ends up with Aiden 
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After their heated kiss in Abu Dhabi, Carrie tracks Aiden down on Facebook and finds him in Pennsylvania living with his five kids and—gulp—wife. Carrie, having a ton of experiences on breaking up marriages, manages to get Aiden back (for, like, the fourth time!) and settles down as new wife and stepmom. 

Relive the magic of the first movie and watch Sex and the City Friday, March 3 at 9 E/P!



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