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Catherine LaFlamme

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March 16, 2017



Married to Kris Letang, Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) 

Hot off the win of the Stanley Cup at the end of the 2015-­‐2016 hockey season, the joyful celebrations across Pittsburgh masked a bitter sweet time for Catherine LaFlamme. Beneath the joy of watching her husband Kris, one of the top defenceman in the NHL, achieve a hockey dream, she was grappling with a miscarriage three months into her second pregnancy.

Now, several months later, while having recovered from the trauma of the event, and starting to consider trying again, she’s pouring her energy into a dream she has long had: This year, she is launching a youth clothing line that is anything but a vanity project. Catherine is prepared to go all in— from the designs and fabric shopping, to developing an e-­‐commerce site, and marketing strategy, with a sizable investment the stakes are very high.

Based in Montreal, she is already feeling the strain of being apart from her operation back in Pittsburgh and will have to spend much of the season going back and forth between the cities. She has rallied some hockey wife friends around her, like fellow Penguins wife Veronique Fleury, to help her execute the design of the site, and good friend Vanessa Vandal for moral support as she puts herself out there and embarks on building her own business from the ground up.

The time is now to fire on all cylinders to make her idea a reality as she plans towards her big launch party, to be well-­‐attended by the hockey community this coming winter. There will be a lot of pressure for a repeat Stanley Cup performance this year in Pittsburgh, so thus pressure will be on Catherine to launch her line while watching Kris hit the ice again.

It’s only been 2 years since a traumatic stroke nearly took his life, and ever since she has mixed emotions when he embarks on another high-­‐stakes season. Will she be able to have it all? Launch her new line, support her husband to another Stanley Cup, and get pregnant with baby number 2?



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